Helloo! Thats right! I’m back and feeling better than ever! Can you imagine its been 2 years? 2 years of learning how to build a website, months of brainstorming a new name (as you can see it didn’t change.. believe me, i tried around 1000 options but nothing felt better than my dear “strapless”) and new designs; all together with studies, exams and beginning of a new chapter in my life (Hold on tight, I will tell you all about it in a minute)! Its been a lot of work and I’m proud to show you my new platform, Ive worked a lot on this and I put in a lot of effort. Many many things are coming your way… This time, I am serious about this! Even when I didn’t have the blog, I would go for lunches and be like “Hey, could you shoot me for my blog”, because I always knew I was going to relaunch it any moment soon and that this look was worth it, but sadly they never made it through and appeared in the light… However, there are so many looks I cannot wait to show you! Stay very tuned, follow the blog (even if you followed before, this is a totally different thing and don’t forget Insta 🙂 ), many looks, some throwbacks and a lot of plans for future are all going to be popping up on this page like flowers this spring! You wouldn’t want to miss this! heheh

So, should I start by announcing the fact I live in London since last October? Thrilling, right? I got into one of the best universities – UCL and I’m doing my bachelor in language and culture (sounds fancy, I know hehe). I figured it was a good start for someone that knows she wants to do something with communication and words but doesn’t know exactly what! & I mean, come on, its 21st century, bachelor won’t mean much, what matters is Master degree and i hope after 4 years, one of them travelling around Latin America as a part of my course (exciiiited! Cant wait!), I will finally make up my mind about what I wanna do! A Btws for you: I will continue blogging no matter what! The one thing I do know and that I had realised shortly after I stopped posting is that blogging is something that I really like and won’t ever stop doing again…

University is life is quite different from high school… I won’t get into much detail, this post will turn out an essay of 2000 words (what I should be writing now instead..) but I sure will tell you more and more about my life in London with every post!

Now Let me introduce you to – the new old ME! I couldn’t make my first post more banging right? haha Im totally feeling myself! I wish I had a reality show and a camera man always walking behind me to show you the excitement that was happening on the “photoshoot venue” because me and my 2 besties shooting, were overly excited about the gorgeous outcome and that I was finally realizing my dream. P.S. find your friends like mine, that will supoort you all the way through, that will bare with you after you asked them millions of times for more ideas for the blog name, that will spend hours shooting you and really help you pose and style your look, check if your positioning is not awkward and  your hair looks on fleek.. without them I wouldn’t get here, Im sure. So, a public shoutout to my besties <3 Another special shoutout to my friend Azmain Chowdhury for helping me up with the header logo! If any of you need help with graphics or logos, drop me a message I will put you in contact with him!

It was a warm day around London, wearing a leather skirt from River Island that i got from ASOS (here), Oversized cable knit jumper from Pretty Little Thing (here), Forever 21 Boots and a Leather jacket from Zara. My bag is from Furla and a watch from GZ electronics, which I will be reviewing soon! Its a very cool watch that is a phone and has an android operating system. Check their website here!




FINITO!! What you guys think? Let me know in the comment area below!

Your Mash xx