Hello Everyone!!

Its been some time, again, I know… Technology part of the blogging sometimes puts me off my track, like this time when my platform decided to kick me – the administrator – off it and decline my entrance.. So it took some time to fix that!

Now Im back, with huge amount of posts getting ready for you since one thing that i will never stop doing is taking pics for blog!

Quick word on this look shot near the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in June. The weather was so hot and its important to wear the right clothing at those times. Choosing natural materials is important to avoid skin rushes and nasty smells. This dress is 100% cotton by Zara, it’s loose and perfect for the hot days in the city, because its material doesn’t insulate and keep the warmth in therefore you don’t sweat more than normal and its looseness means it doesn’t stick to skin and looks great no matter what! Obviously the white color is the go to color in summer, we don’t wanna attract more sun rays more than we do already!

I felt like my pale Vitamin-D-and-Sun-Lacking skin and white dress needed some color in the look so i paired it with pink sandals and a pink bag – everything from Zara!

Thats all for today, I will be coming back soon with more dresses of the summer 2017! Stay tuned<3

All best,

xx Your Mash