Good afternoon everyone!

Feeling the wanderlust today, so I decided to share with you a post from my weekend trip to Luxembourg!

How did I even end up there? This Easter I decided to have a little interrail visiting my friends around Europe, including Paris and Amsterdam. Once I got to Amsterdam, change in circumstances happened and without thinking twice I bought a bus ticket to Luxembourg for just 20€ one way, and left the following day! They say unexpected plans make the best memories – “they” are 100% right! For the person that overplans every trip, with the smallest details like views, streets, cafes and everything scheduled , making a trip decision that unexpected was something out of my character… Yet all I can say is that it was the best time, best decision and just what I needed!

The bus from Amsterdam to Luxembourg took the whole night, and luckily I had the whole row of 2 seats for myself so I could stretch my legs and fall asleep!

I arrived early morning, and the person who is responsible for all the good quality photographs, who is my partner in crime and my dear bestie Magali was waiting for me at the central station! Overload of excitement barely let us sleep the rest of the morning…

Once we woke up, the trip had officially began and we were on our way to the center! Magali, who is from Luxembourg made sure to show me the best places in her city, so now I will share them with you, in case you don’t have an amazing tour guide and a friend like I Do 🙂 heheh

First things first: The center of the city will tell you a lot about it… it’s where everything started way back in the times when our continents and the territories were just being explored and populated. Where the history of the nation began!
The center of Luxembourg was quite calm with not that many people (I guess I came in a low season time when not many tourists were traveling there), and yet it was gorgeous in its solitude! Cafes were filled with people yet everything looked quiet, as if time stopped once we were walking or someone muted the background noice. Maybe it was the fact that Mag and I were in our own bubble, with a lot of things to talk about and update, as we haven’t seen each other for a week before that ahah #BffSeparationAnxiety
Everything looked in order, clean and organized while still having little children run around and street musicians play their songs! Once you get there, make sure to walk by Place D’armes and Knuedler, get an ice cream and sit around in the spacious squares listening to music!

For lovers of good weather in combination with nature views and life music I suggest Kinneckswiss – which is a park where you’ll find it all and enjoy summer to the max!

In my mind, I imagined Luxembourg as a very glass-skyscrapers-city with no taxes for the major companies and a lot of cheese… well, I was not wrong about the cheese, yet the landscapes are certainly not high skyscrapers. There is a place called Kirchberg where all the companies have their offices however its not a mini version of Time Square – how I imagined it. Instead, the views from wide hills and medieval castles are gorgeous forests and fields with small houses in a particular Luxembourgish style! You cannot miss the Grund and Abbey Neumünster where pretty old town meets a river to create gorgeous post-card-like views , perfect for photoshoots and simple admiration of the foreign beauty! You could got for a Corniche Walk to get a panoramic view over the city which is stunning, highly recommend!

For shopaholics like myself, Groussgass will be your heavenly walk! High end brands, local and international boutiques are all there to warm your souls and make your wallet cry ahha

A little outside the city you’ve got a Modern Art Museum Mudam and a History Museum 3 Eechelen! The museums are surrounded by little forest and green fields from where you can gaze at the city during the day or night!

The true sense of Luxembourg comes from its villages and long roads through heels and forests towards them. As a country that was once – and still is a little – the farmers country with high quality meet and poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, it has the typical country side vibe that gives the city its romantic and cozy nature. Little villages were once divided based on their specifications and productions of specific things… villages have their schools, kindergartens and transportations between them. However buses run quite rare like once or twice an hour, and the last bus is at 3M, so have that in mind if you live in a village and want to go out in the centre!

In my next post, Mag and I (obviously mostly Mag), prepared for you a list of restaurants to try in Lux! So, stay tuned 🙂

Regarding my look, there is another funny story! So obviously when I shop online I tend to do something else, like watch series, or cook or walk to uni, since I do it on my phone through apps it’s easy, fast and can be done anywhere any time. This time, I was getting my things for the interrail and I saw this beautiful stylish denim dress in black. It looked really good on the model and it felt perfect for the trip, specially because those 2 weeks were promising to be warm and sunny, so I really wanted to take advantage of that and get my white, almost transparent from the lack of sunlight, legs out. What I didn’t notice or even pay attention was the fact that the dress came from the Petite section of Asos. So once it came, it was a big surprise on how short it was. At first I was all angry like their sizes change dress to dress, how come! I know my size so it’s their fault. However once I looked at the tag hanging from the inside I saw those 6 letters that explained it all. PETITE. Not that I’m a big tall girl however I am a little bigger than the petite section so, moral of the story, make sure to check the collection you’re getting your dress from.

Since it was a little late to do anything , I didnt bother checking and trying the dress on when it first got to me and I didn’t bring anything else with me I just wore it to the center! It’s a little short but I loved its material, its lightness and shape/format. Check it out here. – sadly out of stock already 🙁 I paired it with my favorite oldies but goldies boots from Zara, hat from Missguided and a backpack from Primark!

Hope you enjoyed few tips from Luxembourg and my look! Also, learn on my mistakes and pay more attention to the sizes and collection 😉

All the best,

xx Your Mash


Sometimes, Mag and I try different setting in my camera trying to find best combination for light and exposure, so we don’t shoot on the casual “no flash” mode and this pic was after we tried changing all the numbers and made the shatter speed slower so it captured the movement! Accidental photo yet so skilful and pretty! What do you think? Im in love with it!