Hello there!
Few days ago, my friends and i decided to spend our thursday night together, walking around crowded streets with lights and music, free drinks ( 🙂 )
 and loads of free stuffs as we all love some free presents hihih 
This was my first Fashion Night Out since i moved here, but I’ve heard a lot about it, and this made me want to enjoy it to the maximum, so anywhere I’d see stands to take pictures I’d make my girls stay in huge lines (i bet they hate me for that) but it was worth it, specially for photo-memories addict like me, as i ‘shot-gunned’ to keep all the photos 😛 Sadly, nothing lasts forever and we had to rush around busy streets of  Lisbon in two little hours we had, before the shops would close… The lesson of that night was: Leave house earlier and plan your routs around.. But even though we left too late, we didn’t plan anything we still had fun + the weather was nice and warm with light fresh breeze, perfect for the celebration of fashion! For a person that gets cold when it goes below 20 degrees, (yes, thats me!) and (yes that’s unusual for a Russian person), i was prepared to get cold so i took my cozy light pink sweater from Zara:) Alctually everything of this outfit is from Zara except the top.. oh Well, i’m a total Zara Addict! (who isn’t??) 
While choosing the outfit, i thought as if i was in NYC or London or Paris, and hopefully one day I’ll attend a Fashion Week in one of those places, or maybe all three at once, since they are in different days! Thanks Snapchat update i could enjoy the outfits of American fashionistas, the videos of runways with amazing decorations and ideas portrayed through the textiles and accessories! Ahhh I wish i was there!! So, the i took some time choosing my look! Since i believe summer is NOT over, i chose the light colors to stand out in black dark crowd of sad people :/ haha and also because i just love the Zara skirt and i wanted to wear it so bad i just needed an event to do so! Comfy boots to walk around and simple (or maybe not so simple) but very pretty white top!
Oh btw, I’m also participating in this Vogue Fashion Click Contest! (..and i really wanna win and become one of their contributors!)
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Hope you like my Outfit 🙂 Did you go to the VFNO in Lisbon? Any funny stories you know -> they go to comments 😉 
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-xoxo Masha