Hello Gorgeous People!

Throw back time:)

I was searching for some photos few days ago and I found this folder, I totally forgot about, with amazing photographs I took exactly 1 year ago, inside the tunnel coming from St Pancras International to Kings Cross Tube Station! It was the first photoshoot ever that I had done in London! Quite exciting! I feel like I’ve gotten better as well as quality of the photos, but I figured Id still share this for you!

My look was inspired by the trend that still hasn’t died yet: the contrasting themes and materials! Silver almost aluminium foil-like skirt from Missguided with a t shirt from H&M featuring the Metallica Band.

Tell me what you think 🙂

P.s. Get ready because halloween ideas post is coming very soon! And its going to be major!

xx Your Mash

yesss I know some of them are similar but I couldn’t choose my favourites 😉