Hello there gorgeous people!

Halloween Hoedown has come upon us and its finally the time to dress up as our worst selves and enjoy the spookiest night of the year! No one wants to be left behind, so keep reading because you’re about to get bombarded with freaky costume ideas! Everything from this post is from PRETTY LITTLE THING shop, just follow the links to get the looks!

My first look of this halloween was Mermaid! Even tho we’ve got this disney brainwashed vision of mermaids, in history, myths and folk stories, mermaids were not so nice and pretty! Mermaids are a legendary aquatic creatures, that may have been influenced by the Sirens of Greek mythology. Folklore tales say that all the storms, shipwrecks and drownings were caused by the marine beasts. Other tales tell stories of men being haunted with gorgeous voices of the mermaids who then lure them into their webs and kill the young man… this is pretty much what I decided to do this halloween ahah

I got this gorgeous jumpsuit and styled it with my simple black heeled boots and a crown i ordered on Ebay from a shop called Choochie Choo! All together with loads of sparkles all over my body and the look is done! Fairly simple but quite eye-catchy!

Below you can find other suggestions for mermaid look with dresses from PLT! Also, take a look at other costume suggestions! All photos were taken from PLT website 🙂

Enjoy! Tell me what you think!

xx Your Mash

Love the open back! Really resembles the mermaid vision!


Here are other suggestions:



dress 1  35P   &  dress 2 35P

Play around with the middle part of the 1st dress, add loads of blood as if the black stripes and hoops were coming out of your chest and its your human side breaking through the mermaid skin! 😉 get creative!











Barbie Dress  –  35Pounds + Wig for 8Pounds!

                                                                               Cleopatra  – Skirt: 15P








Long Khaki Dress 25P





















Floral Embroidery Mini 

Floral Embroidery Midi









Fortune Teller


Maxi Dress style it with accessories like earrings (option 1 10P & option 2 8P) and a turban 6P


Mixed feelings…

Elf or Mermaid? Dress here








Elf or Cowgirl or Hippie?

You choose! Dress here (its on sale!!)




Some Other Extras for you… Dresses or playsuits I thought could become something spooky!

<- here , play around with snowflake queen, or unicorn (just add some color to your hair and make up in rose/purple tones and loads of sparkles!)


-> here, feeling the Brazilian Carnaval vibe? or something to do with hawaii? make the dead version of it and you’re done!







 Dead 50s? YES! Dress here.

Feeling in your animal spirit? try this second skin on with these snake patterned dresses in Blue and Green 🙂