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Today’s look inspired me to talk about how important it is to stick to your own style and have in mind what suits you best and what doesn’t. The thing is, whenever a new trend comes in or even just a change of season, we want to get new clothes for that time of the year. Now-a-days I see many girls running after trends, shaving their eye brows – drawing them on again, getting some clothes they know will be out of style in few month (I’m guilty of that as well not going to lie) without thinking about their own style and wether it fits them or not. If it fits you – go girl and get it, more than happy for you, however if it really doesn’t maybe its time to reconsider… No matter how trendy something is or has become, one should always stick to their own style. Fashion comes and goes, it rotates in circles which has it good sides and bad sides. I’d say the good side is the fact you can steal your grandmas closet and wear things that are completely IN at that moment, that are “vintage” and actually are of a good quality. The downside however is that there are some trends that burst out in a middle of nowhere, spread all over the shops so that you can’t find anything else but that trend and then they disappear just as quickly as they came out. After, all you’re left with are some clothes that might not even be of good quality that you can’t ever wear again without hearing comments like “Omg, this is so summer 2016” (Like yeah darling, it was a year ago and I didn’t get a chance to wear it last year because the trend disappeared right after I bought this __insert the name of the clothing___). However todays look is about sweater weather I got while I was in Amsterdam this Easter. Considering the fact its getting warmer and warmer and sweater dresses are being pushed away to the backs of our closets, I still think I should mention all of this. Sweater dresses are not a novelty, not a trend that just appeared, they’ve become something quite common that we can wear every autumn or spring. Therefore, to be able to truly enjoy it and be confident in it, we should get the ones that fit us and that are classic, that are simple but stylish so that its not temporary but long term. Doesn’t have to be specifically sweater but midi dresses are not something outrageous either, so I assume many of us have one or more in our closets however do they really suit us best?

Because of this particular style ability to be timeless, investing in a good quality, good shape and more importantly a good ability to reflect your own style dress might be worth thinking about. There are some aspects that one should consider before investing in something like that. (Btw, when I say investing, I don’t mean spending a fortune, but really just getting something that will be worth every penny and used and abused to its fullest!) The first and more important for me was its size and length. Sweater material is already quite thick and baggy, getting a dress that would make me look like a bag of potatoes was not in my plans. Before I found this bae I had to try quite a few of them to really find what I am looking for, even tho I still think I haven’t found the one. Im pretty satisfied with this one tho 😉 Now, how do you wear a midi dress and pull it off? I don’t consider myself a Tall girl, however Im not a short one either. The average 172cm are my height and Im pretty thankful for it! Yet getting a dress just few centimetres longer than needed might cost me quite few centimetres of my height, so I always pay a lot of attention to that. The length of the dress can strongly influence the way other people see you and how tall you are. Particularly girls that are short should be really careful with the length of their midi dresses because they might start looking like maxi dresses if you don’t get the right length and make you look even shorter, and I mean, who would want that? My go to length would be at the knee level or maximum up to 5-7 centimetres below the knee. Because if I wear longer, no matter how long my legs are they will be cut in half, because what is seen below the knee, with clear definition of where the knee itself is, can give an idea of the overall size of the leg. So if you don’t see the knee and only see half of the lower part you’ll visually bring your hips lower and make yourself seem shorter. So Point Number 1: Watch out for that knee, Stick to the area and only go 5cm max below the knee – if you want to avoid making yourself look shorter!

Now the material of the dress will say a lot about how it will “sit” on you. Dresses can pretty much eat you in if they are to heavy and baggy. The thickness of the material is not proportional to how warm it will be! You can get a woollen dress with beautiful “braiding” detail that will make you super warm but then freeze you to death with a tiny wind  airflows. You can also get a simple very thin cashmere dress that will keep you warm like you blankets at home.. So don’t underestimate thin dresses made out of good materials! Watch out for designs and knitting as well! Id say the simpler the better… but thats up to you 😉

The shoes you wear with the dress can help out too. For shorter ladies wearing a boot with a heel, even a small one, can aid with visual perception of the height. The higher the heel the better of course but nobody wants to wear high heels on a casual walk to the park or around the city… Also, if you are wearing booties, make sure they are tight around your ankle to show that thin ankle area. If the top of the boot is wide it will also make your legs look shorter (in combination with a midi dress). Showing off that thin area is first of all – sexy and elegant, secondly it gives you the visual proportion that you need in order to imagine the whole leg while trying to enlarge it. For an average height girls and taller going for flat sneakers could be an option too! Im not saying short girls can’t wear that, of course you can, girls can and should wear whatever they f*ckng please, however have in mind you will not be helping yourself look taller – which is essentially what Im talking about now…

To quickly summarise before I tell you more specifically about the look Im wearing : 1. Stick with the knee area and not much below! 2. Watch out for material tag, don’t let the thickness fool you! 3. Use shoes to help you out – if needed 😉

Nooow. This grey baby was something I didnt hesitate a second about. (here) The color is nice, I liked the stripy knitting, the length however was a bit below what I recommend and below what I know would look good on me, yet I still decided to get it…I didnt want to commit to a long term relationship with this one so I only worried about the aesthetics and it pretty much satisfied me. The little bows on the wrists are something that my friends would say “so you!” about, and its true! Little girly detail is pretty much a must for a hopeless romantic and an innocent child within me. 35Euros? *Ka-Ching* order completed 🙂 Simple white adidas shoes – around 120Euros – and a little Zara Bag – 5Euros – to stroll around one of my most favourite cities! Look for Young, Sexy and Broke – Done! 160euros of happiness in the blooming Amsterdam 🙂

Hope You liked todays advice, please let me know and if you have any more questions or need for more specific advices write it all down in the comment section below and next post will be dedicated to that 🙂

xx Your Mash