Hello Everyone!!

Despite the slowly decreasing temperatures and grey cloudy skies, Im still living in my Summer Dreams! One more throwback to my amazing vacay in Green Island Ios!

We stayed there for 3 nights in an amazing hotel “Far Out!”. This place is a true paradise for party animals on a budget! First 2 nights we stayed in a very nice room with 3 single beds, a closet, TV, AC and a bathroom with shower. It was 15Euros per night without breakfast.

The hotel has 2 big pool areas, many restaurants a bar and an area that turns into dance floor at 17:00 every day. Once the clock hits 5 pm, Dj occupies his table and the party starts. With gorgeous view of the setting sun over the ocean horizon and a cocktail in our hands we celebrated out first night in IOS! Sadly the party in the hotel finishes at midnight and then you get the choice either to stay in, have some freshly made pizza and go sleep to get a bus to town.

In town you can participate in a pub crawl like we did our second night in Ios! The price of the program is 15Euros that gives you a t shirt, 6 free shots in every bar of the route and a lot of fun with the nicest monitors! We walked around the whole centre of the town, visited different bars with different styles and themes. The bar that really stuck to me was called “Flames” and there you could get a shot with a little detail… you’d get slapped in your face by the barman 2 times, one with white pain on his/her hand and second time with black. After the imprint of their hands would leave a really nice design kind of reminding of flames! Many other bars had their “specials” of this type! Other bars you could check out are: Silent Disco Shhh! with no doubts! Amazing place – 5 euros entrance – headphones and 3 “radios” with different styles. To make it easier to understand who’s dancing to what, headphones had led lights indicating which station you’re listening to so that those beside you could grove with you to the same music! Escobar had great music, and the bar on its right – amazing cocktails and shots! Basically, night on IOS is amazing and its all in your hands to discover and walk around pubs to find your favourite one!

Of course it wasn’t just party, at least not 100% of our time there! The beach in front of Far Out has a watersports tent where you can rent a paddle board or join their boat trip around hidden beaches, with breathtaking views and clear turquoise waters perfect for snorkelling! This was our program on the last day that truly made our trip! Check my instagram for more photos (@manyashaa)! Other thing that we did was cliff diving with friends we met at the pub crawl and hotel! Little walk to the perfect spot called “Lost boys” and you have a great variety of cliffs of all heights to jump from! Make sure to evaluate the water first, since the ground is covered with big rocks you can hit, and thats not what we want ahah

Overall I can say Ios island isa great destination for party, relax and “resort” life with food, party, beach and pool in the same place! It is extremely cheap and fun! So put that on your travel list, you don’t wanna miss it!

Lastly, regarding my look: Despite the fact I wore bikini and shorts for almost 90% of the time there, I did dress up one day for a dinner out! I mean, I just put a shirt on ahah The look is extremely relaxed but if you think about it, the short is very classy, silky and can be used in formal occasions! It was a good investment from Zara 🙂 Paired with shorts from Pull and Bear with very nice floral embroidery on one side and my Oysho Golden espadrilles for that Golden Hour photoshoot! Oh and of course, my sunglasses from Emblem Eyewear!

Hope you liked the post and some info about the trip! If you have any questions Im happy to tell you more info and more details about the trip, places, prices and everything else!

Enjoy! Sending you some warm summer vibes <3

xx Your Mash