Hey peeps! How’s it going?
Summer is 2 weeks in and the weather where I am – Moscow – isn’t looking that good.
It’s not actually cold, the temperature isn’t that low however it is humid and it is raining… plus the typical grey skies… Feels like I’m talking about London lol This weather is following me haha
Today’s weather got me thinking of a look I shot in Amsterdam, and more specifically the statement pieces!
Life is too short to wear boring outfits, that’s why I usually go for something more memorable, more eye catching and usually something that I will only wear once and never pair with anything else again :/
Having one contrasting piece of clothing or accessories in the look ads that “tchaa-naa” factor, that wow factor that will make you feel more fancy and will make you look more interesting! You can be wearing the most basic black jeans and a black top, but the moment you add that statement necklace with bright colors and large pieces the simple “going to buy milk around the corner” look turns into “see you in the bar at 8pm” look! Obviously depends on the qualities and styles of those basic pieces but in general that how it works. Statement pieces transform your minimalistic and simple into composed, thought through look!
You can highlight your look with any piece, just don’t go overboard and only use one piece of your look as the statement! Either accessories: necklaces, earrings, sunglasses or belts, shoes, or main wear like jackets, bottoms or tops.
For this look I went for a vest – I consider this more of an accessory piece since it didn’t really warm me and it was purely for aesthetics. The vest I got as a present from my godmother, from Zara. For very long time I didnt know how could I wear it. I guess I thought I couldn’t pull it off wearing casually and when considering it for a dinner look, I couldn’t bare with me to wear it with something simple, because as I said I love to wear things that are bright and statement so usually I’d prefer to wear a main piece like a dress or bottoms. Once a wonderful realisation got to me and I paired it with simple black jeans and loose, almost bohemian shirt and a hat – the outfit came to life and became so versatile that I could wear it as well as during a day around Amsterdam as well as to the dinner and bars afterwards!
Thats it for today, just a quick post from Moscow, while I’m running around doing things…
Hope you liked it 🙂
xx Your Mash