Hello Everyone!

This week has been quite busy! Trying to juggle studies, gym and meet ups with friends so far has been quite successful I think. Time management and planning ahead are my main strengths so i guess thats why Im not collapsing and having mental breakdowns with overload of work crashing on top of me ahah It’s nice to have some fresh air and get away fom the boring routine, talk about all sorts of things and maybe be a little bit philosophic discussing current affairs and issues in the world. I mean, much more exciting than learning Norwegian grammar (no offence Norwegian peeps) One of these encounters, actually, made me think a lot about these notions of like “figuring out things” and “experimenting”.

Millennials believe that after high school if they don’t know what they want in life they should spend a year – figuring out things and experimenting in different areas so after that they can choose a direction they want to take and plan their career. Personally I don’t agree with this… Spending a year, travelling and purely enjoying a year without stress of homework is a year spent avoiding the real questions – what do you want to do, what are you good at and who do you want to become. There is no “later” for these questions, there is no miracle that is going to happen… One must take it in their own hands, to go get jobs in all sorts of areas, and if that is not working – doing short or evening courses at universities and academic facilities that won’t cost as much as a full degree and could give you a pretty good idea wether that is what you want to do or nah.. Obviously nobody wants to spend 3 or 4 years doing a degree they don’t like, or thought they liked and realised its not for them – it happens and quite often actually! There is no rush in that, transfer yourself to a different course, different university or go big and move to a different country, just don’t try to avoid it by doing things that are not related to making the decision about your future. I love travelling and I would’ve loooooved to spend my first year after high school travelling and chilling, seeing amazing places around the world but I would at least know what I want to do in future, have a plan of how to achieve all those aims. Knowing it would be a tough ride reaching the highs of whatever career, I would prefer to spend that year travelling because you never know what kind of a rollercoaster ride it could be and when will be your next time to be so carefree and have so much free time to truly enjoy it.

Now I am at university doing a pretty broad course – which is another way to do something to give you an idea without specialising yet. It gives you freedom to try things and figure out while you’re studying and not wasting time on sitting at home. My first year is done and I know for sure what I want to do in future, I am determined and I am doing everything I need to do to get to that dream job! My course name might not scream “Journalism” but it does have a lot to do with it, and if I make the right choice of modules I can actually learn some things that will be useful for understanding of that career. Lastly, I will write my dissertation (the final project of university that you do to get your diploma) on the topic that will strongly correlate with fashion journalism so there it is: my career in my hands and detailed plans on how I am going to get there! I doubt I would’ve done that I went travelling the world, doing all sorts of volunteering programs but lets be honest, at the end of the day, majority do it purely for themselves and for their CV and not actually because they truly believe in equal opportunities, want to help some poor kids or wash some elephants during those few weeks they could afford to do at that exotic destination they needed an excuse to go to and take nice pictures for their Instagram…I confess, I once thought of doing a program like that, I first chose a destination – by how pretty and safe it was, and then chose whom and how i wanted to help.. is that really how it works? how it should work? Its sad that Universities and IB CAS forces millennials to go to those trips with idea in mind that it will boost their CV and higher their chances of getting into good unis or high paid jobs… If you want to do a program like that, do it by yourself, without a middle company that will organise everything for you… Without second intentions. Other thing Ive read not so long ago is that millennials go to like Asia or Africa, take nice pictures with their iPhones and Canons and then sell them on the streets of those countries, as if someone is supposed to sponsor their gap year… Completely don’t understand this…  Its an era of paid volunteering programs while all you need to do is get yourself a flight to a destination you know needs help, go to a village, talk to locals and find yourself a place where you will be useful. SO many people do that… and come back richer than their left…

Anyhow, I decided to scroll up to check my writing and realised how BIG this post turned out. I might as well just stop the unburdening text and tell you more about the look.

The moment the sun came out of the thick layer of clouds over the London’s skies, the spring fever has hit me and I went on Spring Colour shopping! This coat I found in Zara (obviously), I completely fell in love with the colour and how It fit my blond hair and eyes that turned greener even though they are bluish. The format is quite masculine which is the opposite of what I tend to get myself, as I like feminine elegant shapes so i figured it could be nice to experiment and get myself a coat like that. Start low you know? Not something radical but bit by bit discover looks and shapes and forms that i usually don’t wear 🙂 Hope you like this casual look with Mom Jeans from Pull and Bear summer collection and a simple white jumper!

Hope you had a great weekend y’all and a ready to kick in the new week and get one step closer to your dream future! No time to spare peeps! Its now or never! No later! No tomorrow! TODAY!

xx Your Mash

P.s. tell me what you think on my outflow of feelings..