Hello There! 
How was your weekend? Mine? Amazing! 
Making new friends and walking around streets of Lisbon was the turning point of my week! Saturday I met one of my favourite bloggers-beginners – Madalena Crespo from Oh-So-Happy Blog!
Its been some time since we planned a day together and it finally happened! A visit to the typical “tourist” place with the best view of Lisbon and then little garden with music and bubbles with overall 3 hours together was enough to make some str1§ong connections and have a really good time! 
You’d think, what bloggers do when they meet? and i think, you guessed it! Take photos! Basically thats all we did with conversation flowing in between! It was very nice making new friend and i can’t wait to show her my habitat – Cascais 🙂 hihi 
For the “bloggers meet” i wore a midi dress from Bershka, (which i thought would never look good on me and make my legs shorter but after trying it on with that sexy open leg i knew it was meant to be my wardrobe 🙂 ), styled with boots from Zara, (i don’t think i showed them to you already, they are my pretty recent acquisition), hat from Primark and all-fitting-bag from Prada, seems small? well it isn’t from the inside! ahah And can’t forget to mention the mirrored sunglasses, adding the stylish touch to my look from my dear Emblem Eyewear, link here (the have many other colours of this model).
After all the walking i can tell you – do not wear shoes with heels. Looking back, i think that all we did was going up or down which literally felt like a little workout in inappropriate clothing! & Since I wore them to one of my nights out, all the dancing made my skin peal off! So with the previous pain after the night out + all the walking  – i barely got home on my feet, if i had to walk more, i swear to God, I’d be crawling, or walking on my hands! 
Thats it for now, check out Madalena’s Blog, my Sunglasses and others on the Website of Emblem Eyewear and of course, don’t forget the GIVEAWAY for the Concert Ticket!! (I’m feeling super sweet so i copied the link below!:)
Check out my outfit, and tell me what you think! 
-xoxo Masha