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Prada Days

Hello There!  How was your weekend? Mine? Amazing!  Making new friends and walking around streets of Lisbon was the turning point of my week! Saturday I met one of my favourite bloggers-beginners – Madalena Crespo from Oh-So-Happy Blog! Its been…

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Coachella Dreams

Hello there!  What a hot weekend on that other side of the atlantic!! Coachella´s 15th edition i think, of another celebration of happiness, music and fashion – obviously.  Throughtout those 3 days Snapchat became my 3 meal course and my…

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Bright Colored April

Hello There!  With the beginning of April and very good weather comes the time for my favorite colored pants and tops! I was never the person to wear black for casual dressing. Recently I got invited to an event where…

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