Hey babes!

Hope you liked my first post after 2 years and ready for the overload of posts that are coming your way! There are a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things to show and share and despite the fact I have done many “Personal” posts in the beginning of this blog, I feel like I have to do it all over again as soo many things changed!

First things first, (… I’m the realest ahah), I live in London now!!! Still can’t believe it, still think it will take me an hour to get to my house, just grab a taxi and drive to mommy… well, not a taxi and not an hour… I have actually visited home quite often this year, Ive been there on birthdays of all my family members, I spent at least a week each holidays I had so I’m not complaining:) Personally, I’m not even that homesick, Ive never been too attached to my house, my “home” country, my room, my family even… Sometimes, I find myself missing driving my car more than I miss a member of my family; my sister usually wins, I miss her the most…

Living alone has some greaaaaaat advantages! Uni life in general is a blessing i think. Maybe just in the first year tho, when there are not that many things to do and worry about. My course is quite chill, few hours a week (around 7-8) of lectures, which I managed to plan around quite well, so I only have 3 days in uni and in the morning, but not too early and I have free afternoons. I do 2 languages, 1 of them i speak quite good, getting to a fluent level, and the other I just started, so basically all my attention goes to the one I just started, but its still not that much time comparing to other people that do economics or history for example… I go to the gym everyday, plan my days the way I want, eat what and when I want, which helps me keep quite a healthy diet, so Im happy about that… Many people hate the fact they have to cook when they are away from home. Of course, its great when you get home super tired and food is there on the table, ready for you… However, its not that big of a deal for me, cos I think I’m never that tired that I can’t do anything else. I don’t do anything to be that tired ahah So I make myself meals every day and even though my culinary skills are still on the beginner level, Im quite satisfied.

Living abroad makes you become this type of a relaxed tourist, that goes for lunches and encounters somewhere very iconic, touristic or popular. So instead of going to a local restaurant that your family has been going to for years, or going for a walk in a park where your grandma used to take you somewhere close to home, you go to Covent Garden for lunch and to Hyde Park for a walk. You see what I mean? Nothing against that, of course, I am guilty of doing that a lot… I guess its normal though, it hasn’t been that long since I moved here so I still don’t have the “traditional” places, that are local or less known than the typical places with loud names. This is actually how this outfit post was made. The day after a pretty good party, my beloved photographer ( 😉 ) and I went for a walk – we call it the hangover walk – to Hyde Park! Few things might have changed about me but one thing for sure didnt – my camera is still (and always will be) a part of my body! I still do take it everywhere I go! So we decided to shoot there by the lake. The weather was still chilly that day so I decided to go for a soft pink look with a very comfy and warm jacket from Pretty Little Thing (here), a simple white sweater from Boohoo (here), and a sneaky sexy detail that you can see peaking from underneath of the sweater – Lacy bralette from Pretty Little Thing (here) as well. Simple grey jeans (super old) and burgundy booties.. Considering the weather in London right now you could perfectly still wear this look, and its May for gods sake… Jacket is 100% worth investing into! they have other colours too 😉

Overall it was a day well spent, with loads of water and fresh air – just what we needed ahaha! Hope you like the look, I don’t think I look as bad as my hangover felt…


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xx your Mash