Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hope you’ve had amazing days, filled with joy and happiness, surrounded with your family and friends and loads of food!

Christmas is done and now we’re in this awkward transition between Xmas and New Years where we don’t feel productive, we feel lost what day it is and don’t know what to do.. so join me in this procrastination world of videos and photos, infinite Instagram scrolls and tinder swipes and of course, vlogs and blogs with ideas on what to wear on the last night of 2017 and how to enter 2018 in full glamour and style. Strapless is mainstream so there you go, my first idea of what to wear on this magical night, for those who like it comfy, simple and covered haha

Before we go to look at my (gorgeous, yeah i know:) ) photos and details of the look, let me grab your attention for just one more minute.

Lets have a quick show of hands who had a Xmas tree decorated with millions of xmas lights? Who had presents wrapped in glossy paper underneath it? who got 1,2,3 or more presents that they wished for? uhhhh such a happy time right? what a dream this time of year! Now imagine, your Xmas was completely different, anything like that..  actually, it was nothing like that… non of your wishes came true, non of the lights or presents. My last wish this year and my first plan of 2018 will have something to do with that.

Since I started planning my year abroad to Mexico, (yeyy can’t wait), I though how could i make it more meaningful, productive and how can i actually make a difference during this amazing opportunity that i get. I looked around, saw how blessed i was.. Living in London with my 4 best friends, travelling around every now and then, making my xmas wish lists and shopping for my presents for my friends.. but I’m one in a small percentage that can enjoy these things. Theres a big percentage of those who were not so lucky. I was thinking in particular about all those kids who became orphans in young age, who were sent to orphanages and who didnt have such vivid christmas. South America isn’t the richest of the places, and with all that has been happening recently, specially with all the environmental issues, I made it my mission for 2018, to make these kids a little happier, to make they home a little nicer and safer and to make their education a little better. My plan is to travel around 4 countries, 4 orphanages and live with them for some time, help them with studying, enjoy free time with them, organising events, trips and workshops and donate for their development in the future. However I can’t sponsor it all by myself.. so here I am, asking for your help! Follow this link, read a little more about the mission and donate something to make this mission, this Xmas wish and this 2018 mission come true! Anything is appreciated! Any small donation will make a big difference too!

thank you<3

*** Back to the look 😉

Im wearing a jumpsuit from Zara, my faithful boots from Forever 21 and Leather jacket from Zara as well. Simple and comfy to spend my night with my friends, probably having too many glasses and dancing my way into 2018!

Tell me what you think, wether its about the look or the project, Ill be happy to read your comments 🙂 xx

Merry Christmas!

xx Your Mash