Hello everyone!

Hope everyone’s doing better than me, who’s been laying in bed, crying of agony due to my growing wisdom tooth that is wrecking my jaw and my mental stability… in between loud cries I decided to direct my energy into writing another post, another throwback to the beginning of my summer in my home country and my home city – Moscow!

As a person living in Europe, I often hear people talk about Russia in ways I don’t usually like or agree with.. so I decided to tell you my side of Moscow today, in hopes to maybe change some minds, and step by step keep changing the image of my beloved country. Obviously, as a person who’s lived in Europe my teenage years, the years of building character and developing opinions and perspectives, I can clearly see what my people are not doing right, what kind of mentalities are outdated and old fashioned that should be changed, I am aware of those of course. However Russia is not just that, the bad sides that media scrutinizes and manipulates every day with every billboard and every headline of the newspapers, there is more to my country… Firstly, all I ask, is keep your mind open to possibility of people there being different to what you’ve seen in Facebook videos with wrong subtitles and media’s perception of them. Visiting Moscow or other gorgeous corner of the biggest country in the world could be an experience to change those views, so why don’t we go through my to visit in Moscow list that I’ve written to myself the first visit back after 5 years in Portugal 🙂

  1. The most important! – The Red Square
  2. Kremlin
  3. St Basil’s Cathedral
  4. VDNH Parks with its exhibition areas & mirror labyrinth
  5. Bolshoi Theatre for Ballet
  6. Tretyakov Gallery for Classic Art
  7. Garage for Contemporary Art
  8. Shopping Centres: TSUM and GUM
  9. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, followed by the bridge with the view over the Moscow River to ->
  10. Factory “Krasniy Octyabr'” – Red October
  11. Gorky Park to walk around & rent some buggy cars 🙂
  12. Arbat Street
  13. Ismailovskiy Park & Flee Market
  14. Design Factory – Flakon (really hipster place)
  15. Ostankino TV Tower with 360 View point over the city
  16. Stroll by the river bank by Radisson Royal towards ->
  17. Moscow City Business Centre & the view point + Shisha Bar on the 53rd floor “Cloud53”
  18. Sparrow Hills for a stroll and a view. Also huge amounts of bikers and car racers hang out there and if you have some friends there you might even get a chance to see a race happening 😉
  19. Poklonnaya Hill
  20. Have fun and try out youth’s favourite activity: mind games or “Kvest”s

These are must visit and must do!

Maybe other time I could tell you places to eat at! There is so much to try… Tell me what you think below in the comments!

Now about the look 🙂 All these photos were taken around Red Square & the outside of the Kremlin! Wearing a dress from Zara and simple espadrilles in black from Primark!

Would Like to hear some feedback from you guys!

All best,

xx Your Mash