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Following up the “Statements”post – here, I’m sharing with you another of my Statement pieces that quickly became my favorite!

One of the biggest trends of spring and summer ’17 are the metallics! The decision of getting a metallic piece was an easy one, yet deciding how to wear it wasn’t quite…

So here I am – saving your time and giving your ideas how to wear a metallic piece during the day, because let’s face it, at night it’s much easier to pair it with your going out look and hit the clubs looking like a star;)

So first and quite mainstream advice is  – to keep it simple underneath, like I did.
Simple white tank, blue or black jeans and a small accessory, you want the monochrome tones to highlight the jacket that will reflect the colors around it. Shops like bershka had a jacket that wasn’t only silver metallic but with rainbow shine, like holographic paper. Like that you could add color to the look without additional accessories.

Other option that I’ve tried already is to contrast metallics with the other trend – Music – usually Rock – Band t shirts! Combining the futuristic materials, foil looking like clothes with the good old Rock culture usually in grey & black tones with cold colored writings you are wearing two trends, two eye catching pieces that work successfully together to make the IT look. To be honest, I’d keep this option for a dinner/date/event occasion;)

The colour that I really liked in combination with silver metallics is lilac! Combine Lilac tailored trousers (saw some in Topshop), a white tank with some funky words and cover up with the jacket like mine to get a pretty cool casual look, maybe for later on in autumn, when it’s not that cold… For summery options I’d go for some silver sport style shorts, pulling them up like high-wasted and a lilac tee, plus some white sandals or espadrilles!

Last but not least, if you have “commitment” issues to striking fashion trends, keep it stylish yet low key with small pieces like accessories – bags and belts or shoes!

For now thats it:) Hope you liked my quick tips on how to style Metallics – particularly the silver color this summer, and if you do take them in consideration when styling your look, tag me on the outcome 🙂 @manyashaa___ <3

Enjoy the photos 🙂

xx Your Mash

That day we had brunch in The Breakfast Club and ate the famous, most delicious pancakes Ive ever tried!!

I shot the look quite some time ago and as you know spring in London is bipolar, so as the sun went down I had to put my blanket scarf on!

P.S. check out the gorgeous colours!!! No effect added!