Hey Everyone!

Once holidays begin and you have no deadlines, no work to do, nothing to send, nothing to write, just easy life and unlimited hours of guilt-free procrastination or no phone use at all. Once I check all my social media and reach the end of explore tab in Instagram – yes there is an end and you can reach it – I go to my second favourite most addicting thing to do – online shopping. Or more technically online shop gazing, hopeful placing of clothes in the cart, then the overview of the order followed by endless crying over the enormous price tag and final stage of closing and deleting the app/the tab and historical search for jobs. While I was doing that earlier today, I figured Id share with you: My Favourite Online Shops to go through in search for new clothes or just overall update on new collections and inspirations!

The main one that I LOVE is obviously ASOS! The prices are decent, always new items coming in and cool deals, like the 50% off summer collection that is happening right now! Asos is super easy, delivers to almost all countries and has easy and free returns from most of the european countries and the UK! I really like the fact they have the petite, normal, tall and plus sizel sections, as well as “wedding” and “premium” for fancy going out, occasion and event looks and “maternity” section too. Their bikini collection also divides into general and then fuller bust collection – for ladies like me with small back and big cups and for ladies with very big chest like DDs Es and even Fs! Asos has clothes for literally all shapes and sizes! Also they’ve got cool collection of gifts and “weird” things, like funny books, stuff for home and pool – like the new fashionable flamingo and unicorn inflatables and many other things you can waste your pay check on heheheh Check it out 🙂

Missguided is on the second place. If in Asos I usually love 90% of the whole website, Missguided has a particular style that sometimes doesn’t suit me for whatever reasons. So the percentage of the things I like or the things that suit me falls below 90. The quality could be better sometimes but if you read carefully the item description you will know what you will receive and not get disappointed that the trousers are half see through or the top is super elastic and of cheap material.. The prices are good and what I also like about the shop is the different collections you can shop like “Festival” “Holiday” “Mesh” and others. So you’re inky browsing the things you want!

BooHoo.com is great for simple clothes in multiple colors! They’ve got an enormous collection that never changes! This might sound boring to you but when it comes to simple basic things its the best! All types, sizes and formats of dresses in all colors is my favourite part! You can literally find anything! Their summer collection is full of co-ord sets and clothes with stunning patterns and vivid colors! Definitely worth a look! The quality corresponds the price – however always check the material section.

The new 2 shops that I discovered when I moved to London were Pretty Little Thing and Miss Pap! I think they have that typical english girl style, which Im not sure I really like, but Ive always managed to find few pieces i really liked! They also have really nice going out clothes. Most of the times I ordered, I wished I read the material section because their materials are quite cheap and therefore the price is so low, yet the clothes are totally wearable and look nice!

Public Desire for shoes! Simple, many models and variations with different colors and patterns as well as materials! Once I was shopping for the tall over knew boots I found such diverse choice on their website I couldn’t make up my mind for days! They had boots out of suede, leather, velvet, thin “sock” material and many others. Different styles of heels and sandals. Im sure you will find at least one pair for your taste 🙂

Another 2 shoe shops are Simmi shoes and Ego! They are both English and are good quality. The prices are low just like all the shops Im listing here, cos I mean, student life got me lowering my standards ahah Simmi shoes are best at sandals and pretty colors – love their pastels, gorgeous! Follow them on Insta to always stay updated with new arrivals.

Bershka, Pull and Bear and Zara are the typical go to apps I use when I want easy access clothes. I check the collection online, take screenshots of the references and hit the shops, so I can try the clothes on before buying them. However usually what happens is that I don’t find the things I chose online in the store, walk around for hours, choose completely different things then come back home, look over my online cart and order that as well, ending up spending twice the amount :/ Shopaholic problems…

My next two “casual” lothing shops are Forever 21 – cheap and chic, and NA-KD that is on the line with Asos regarding the prices and quality. If you’re looking for something more chic and bohemian check out Sabo Skirt, Xenia Boutique and Lucy in the Sky! These 3 shops and their instagram feed are my boho goals! Their models are gorgeous and the campaign photos make me cry wishing I could move to Australia, have unlimited amount of clothes from these shops and shoot as stunning photos on the Bondi Beach and other corners of Australia! They are more pricey than other shops I showed here but it will be definitely worth it. Their quality is outstanding! Keep an eye on their sizing conversions, and make sure to check the centimetre measurements, I noticed their sizes run quite small and dresses are quite short… 🙂 Also, since the shops are Australian and will be shipped from there, you might have to pay a tax on them, however it depends on the price of your parcel and your country, check that with their customer help team beforehand 🙂

I think that is it about the shopping online for clothes and shoes, on my next post I will tell you my favourite swimwear shops! Stay tuned!

Now quick description of my look that I shot in London, while it was still quite fresh – as you can see Im wearing a leather jacket ahah I still have so many look to show youuuu, you have no idea! I will hurry up and post more often, cos like that I will never reach the summer posts!

The dress Im wearing is one of my favourite buys from Asos! The print is gorgeous, reminds me of Marble, its mainly white and black however it also has some faded pink stains, super pretty! Paired with forever 21 Boots and Leather jacket from Zara! The bag is from Asos as well, and its on sale 🙂 Grab it here before it gets sold out.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing-is-caring moment with you and my favourite online shops, please do share with me your favourite shops that I don’t know about!

All best,

xx Your Mash