Hello Everyone!

Since last post I mentioned that University gives you a lot of flexibility with your timetable and time management today Im going to tell you how I used that in my advantage and really grabbed every possibility and opportunity to make the time count!

As I said, my classes aren’t that difficult and I don’t even have that many hours. So if I had an essay due I had a lot of time to get it done and could keep enjoying my life. Over the past year, whenever I had holidays and reading weeks – which usually came with a lot of essays and coursework to prepare during that time, I simply got it done as soon as I received it and went travelling! Just a quick weekend get away from the city would bring so much happiness and relaxation, I never felt exhausted of anything! I enjoy flying, you know, that moment when the wheels take off from the ground and you are in the air makes my heart skip a beat (but in a good sense). There are many things about this that I should be feeling quite blessed for and I sure am. Firstly, living in London – one of the main cities in Europe means that there are many cheap flights from here to any other city in Europe and a person with chronic “wanderlust addiction” like me would definitely take advantage of that! Obviously after saying a big thank you to my parents for sponsoring my flight tickets, because the rest I payed myself with little jobs I would do in the city of opportunities… Basically every time I travelled home, to Portugal, I would pass by another European city to meet my friends. Which is the second thing I’m feeling blessed for. After few years in an International School I became friends with so many people who at some point had to move somewhere else, wether it was to another school or to a university in another country, and like that I selected few cities to visit. This one will be about my trip to…. *drumroll* – COLOGNE! A smaaaall city in Germany where my best friend is living now and attending a university! Without thinking twice we chose the dates and I was there, killing “saudades” as you would say in Portuguese, which means killing the feeling of missing someone – by being with them and spending time together! 2 days and 1 night of non stop chatting, updating, showing the city and enjoying each others company flew by in a blink of an eye!

It was still quite cold few days before I got there so I got advised to bring a warm jacket which I wore the first day, without checking the weather app and realising how with my arrival the weather got better and it wasn’t as cold anymore… The jacket that I was wearing is from River Island which I bought through Asos (Sadly couldn’t find the item on the websites, I guess they’ve ran out of them – no wonder why ahah). I found it completely gorgeous and risky at the same time. I mean, who would dare to wear white leather and furry jacket in the grey rainy London? I feel like its best to be warn on a sunny but cold day since it is very warm and made out of natural materials that create good insulation and warm you up fast and easy! It happen to be that my first day there was that sunny cold day I am talking about, when the skies are clear and sun is shinning but not warming yet. The look in general was quite bright, specially with the flowers at the back that add to that “primavera” feeling, paired with simple jeans and a thin top underneath for a stroll around the typical colorful houses by the river in the city of Koln.