Hey Hey Ladies and Gents!

Second day in Cologne, thats what we are talking about today. No long posts spilling out the story of my daily life, no advices and experiences. Leave it for next time I guess!

I figured, if first day was white, colourful and happy, I’d let my soul and mood come out on the second day – thats why I’m in all black. You know, always ready for dem hater’s funeral haha I mean, you can’t go wrong with black and it was an easy and comfy look, perfect for the weather and the places we went around.  That night I had to catch the plane as well, and for some reason I always prefer black and tight things for travelling.. Unlike everyone else who’d rather wear fluffy socks and baggy sweatpants while seating for hours and watching clouds slowly fly by, I wear tight jeans… Im weird I know! However you also gotta consider the fact that I was flying to London and when i got there, almost midnight, it was quite cold and the last thing id want is to be wearing baggy sweatpants that would let air through and freeze me to death. That was actually mid march and the weather was still like freakin January, it still is actually. and its mid may. damn it. not funny at all. I want my summer! Tooooo many plans and ideas and looks spinning in my mind whenever I think of summer 2017! Is it just me or everyone always hopes and plans that the upcoming summer will be eeeeeven better than the summer before, even tho that summer was pretty damn good? Well, fingers crossed that in 1 month time my rollercoaster will start on the right note and spin my head through the following 4 months. thats right, 4! Because I’m in Uni baby aha Best perk! Finish – end of may, Start – 1st week of October! what.a.blessing!

Anywayyyys, back to the look! I got over excited and started to write another long lecture and then realised right there above i said i wasnt going to do that this post. So chit chatting a side, details! Hat – Asos, Leather Jacket – Zara, Pants – Pull and Bear, Top – don’t even remember, too old ahah and lastly, Boots – Miss Pap –  (here, now on SALE! ) a new cool store I discovered in UK! Check them out 🙂

Hope you like the look! If you’re interested about places to see and to go to in Cologne (both during the day and night), send me an email in the contact form and Ill tell you all about it 😉

xx Your Mash