Hello There!!
As you may know, I love you all so much and I want to thank you for keeping me going and being always so nice with comments and daily visits so My dear BSimple and I joined together to do a giveaway of the wonderful silver clutch I wore for my Valentines Dinner! 
To enter the giveaway you MUST be following my blog with Google Friend Connect – the blue button on the left, which you can only see with your computers or Web version on the telephones! 
The first 5 are obligatory to enter and the following option get you more points which means more probability of you winning! 
To Inspire you more, Im gonna show you 3 ways to use this useful accessory! Silver colour might scare you away, as you might be thinking “This is not for everyday!” “You can only use it when going out!” Well no, Im gonna show you 3 options – Afternoon Casuals, Dinner Essential and Party Star!
Enter yourself and Share in any media you want! Comment if you entered and If you did something that is not in the list! 
Thank you all so much for being with me and Good luck! 

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Outfit 1

Option 1 is the outfit Id wear (and already did) for a party! Versace hills, Backless dress with Diamond stripes crossing in the back from Papaya, Pony tale and large earrings to emphasise your neck and make it seem longer. And everything accompanied by the one and only – Clutch from BSimple!

Outfit 2

This is the outfit I wore to my Valentines dinner! You can read about it here. A Total Zara look + the Silver beauty! 

Outfit 3

A casual look, simple blue jeans, white shirt from Forever 21 and a Zara blazer to meet your friends, have a lunch or go shopping… but something would be missing, some little spark! Thats where the clutch comes to help and brightens the look! After all these 3 options i think its just what YOU MUST-HAVE! 

Hope you liked my 3 different ideas but all, using the Silver clutch bSimple which you can easily win if enter the giveaway and have all the point! 
Good luck! 
-xoxo Masha