Hey Hey Hey!

How is it going everyone? We are mid may, some of us are studying like crazy for their exams, some are midway through them – like me and some of you have finished them already – GOOD for you! Do not say who you are because I will find you and I will kill you… JK, no drama! Happy for everyone who have this stressful time of the year behind them already and best of luck to the rest of us still battling for the high grades and bright future!

Last night, having my casual pre exam anxiety and insomnia, I was thinking a lot about the blog and my purpose in this blogosphere… I decided to state to myself, first of all, and secondly to all of my readers what is the main focus of my blog. Often when I read through some of my favourite fashion magazines and specially the articles about the trendy clothes and must haves of the season, I sadly look at the prices and just turn the pages over… My wish lists keep growing yet my closet remains the same size… However expensive clothes is not equal to better style, one can look stunning and fashionable for lower prices and this is what I am going to be focusing on. Affordable fashion! I noticed that most of my looks cost around 150Euros at most, usually including shoes! Im a pretty regular teenager that doesn’t have much money for clothes and extras so I might as well use it in my advantage and create looks that are stylish, trendy and not costly. Looks that everyone can get and remain In Style!

The look of today’s post is from my day trip to Berlin! On my way back to London from Lisbon, I decided to have a short stop over in Berlin, where my bestie was having her own weekend get away (the one that lives in Cologne, whom I spoke about in my previous posts). Considering the fact that I only had hand luggage with me it was quite easy to leave it in a locker room and have a quick stroll in the city centre! In just 10 hours or so we visited: Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg gate),  Bundestag (National Parliament), a road full of stores – Friedrichstrabe and the Berlin Wall!

For a day with 2 planes and walk in the city I wore my favourite heeled boots. You’ll say Im crazy but you won’t believe how comfortable they are! Plus I didnt have much space in my bag so I had to take out things that were occupying the most space and I wouldn’t leave these beauties behind… Bought them at Forever21 for 30Euros! Blue loose pants from Stradivarius – I grabbed them for 5Euros from summer sales, can you imagine? The small over shoulder bag was also for 5Euros on summer sales from Zara! White Blouse from Forever21 but from ages ago, i think the price was around 20Euros! My Zara Leather Jacket for 30Euros I think it was.. also from pervious collections! My hat is form Misguided, just 15euros (here)! Lastly, my scarf is from Stradivarius for 15Euros as well I think.. As you can see the total cost of the look is 115Euros!

Do you guys like this kind of information? the idea of staying within 100-200Euros per look? Leave a comment below so I know if I should keep writing out prices and not just brands 🙂

Enjoy! xx Your Mash