Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone has entered the giveaway on my previous post! While we are waiting for everyone to enter, Ill be posting some looks from summer to finally close the chapter and move on to the London style appropriate for the current weather!

This post is about my Birthday trip to Santorini and Ios islands of Greece in the end of August!

We planned our trip with 1,5 days in Santorini then 3 nights in Ios and then 1 more day and night in Santorini.

In Santorini we stayed in the area of Perissa, in a very nice hotel “Katherina and John”. The hosts are an old couple who are very nice and friendly, John even came to pick us up in the airport and then took us to the port on the following day. Next to our hotel we had a motorbike rental place which was very convenient as buses only come 1 in an hour, so if you missed yours (like we did) getting a 4×4 or a motorbike is the best option. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best of experiences there… We were 3 so we got 2 4x4s and paid 40Euros in Total. The Lady in the reception explained to us the best route to see the island -which is only 27km long – and advised us to put 10Euros of gas in each of the 4×4 to have enough for the next 24h. After driving around the whole day and getting lost at least 3 times, we returned the 4×4 with almost full tanks. Later we saw them pump out the gas and save for whatever reasons and plans they had for that gas in the future… Once we confronted them they denied they told us false information, twisted the story, used our own words against us and acted quite mean. Until one man, already by the end, reached out to us with an apology and offered to pay us back 10euros. So don’t be fooled and save your money, put 5Euros and drive around whole Santorini without worrying you’ll stay without gas!

Anyhow, now to the good part! Our first day we spent in Oia! Its that dreamy landscape you have in mind when someone says Santorini! White houses, infinity pools and cobalt blue domes with gorgeous view of the ocean in the back. It took us maybe an hour or a bit more to get there from our hotel and maybe 30 min to walk around the whole area. What upset us a little, is that the whole area with gorgeous views is first of all, only 50m in diameter, and secondly, is filled with hotels and reserved areas where you can truly see the gorgeous views. So we could only enjoy the views from few spots that were filled with other tourists like ourselves.

For a day there I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and get a backpack! It was extremely comfortable to walk around, enjoy the views and drive the 4×4! At night it gets pretty cold and windy so don’t forget a jacket, after all you can just put it in your backpack 😉

For the first day of our dream vacation I wore a simple white 100% cotton XL shirt from Zara, with a black lace bralette underneath to give that sexy, feminine touch; olive shorts from Pull and Bear, Sandals from LAVANDA, Sunglasses from Emblem Eyewear and the life saving back pack from Zara!

Hope you like the photos! Specially the ones in the bottom 🙂

xx Your Mash