Hello dear Readers!

Quick post before I go back to studying! 3 days until my last exam and beginning of my 4 months of summer! So many plans! Unfortunately, I will be sincere, this summer will probably not reach the high bar I set last summer with my Graduation trip to Mexico for a week in all inclusive hotel with best people that I love so much, followed by 1 months in Moscow visiting friends and family and lastly Festivals and road trip around portuguese coast!  I might do a little through back post later on about my summer 2016! I had some prettyy cool photos and outfits 🙂  This summer I will be back to Moscow for 1 month, including presenting at my grandmothers Art Festival in 2 gorgeous outfits I cannot wait to show you! followed by Portugal, few festivals, my birthday with friends from London coming over to Portugal and then…. my birthday trip to one pretty cool destination I will try to keep secret till very last moment – a lot of will power is required for this but I will try my best! However the most important is just being with my friends from home, having fun and enjoying 4 months before we are separated again by uni… A lot of looks and posts are already planned so stay really tuned! And follow me in Instagram : @manyashaa___ , i will be posing a lot of stories and posts with gorgeous views and places 🙂

Now few words on this look: One day I decided to play a serious business lady and get dressed very classy before a lunch in Canary Wharf. I promised myself that if i ever work in an office – which I will try to avoid because I don’t like being stuck in a room for 9hours day – I will be dressed in interesting outfits and have fun with colors and shapes still looking formal! So for this look I used the masculine green coat from Zara that you saw few posts away – Price: 60Euros I think it was, maybe 70 – not sure! Dress form Zara 25Euros! and boots from Public desire – got them when everyone was obsessed with high knee sock boots, they are very comfy and I spent whole day on them with heels and it was totally fine. I am also lucky to say I love to wear heels and I walk good on them. My feet rarely get tired or with blisters.. find them here for 50 euros! Scarf was from Zara ages ago, price maybe 15euros… So total price tag for the look: 150Euros!

Enjoy while I go back to studying my Norwegian before exam on Thursday!

xx Your Mash