Life is boiling here in London, so much to do and not so much time! Have been MIA for some time, but found this little gap in-between of my lectures to write the post! Just to make my Monday a little bit more positive by doing something that I actually enjoy!

I know September and Autumn in General, specially in Portugal and Spain, some warmer European Countries, is the month of events, weddings and a lot of opportunities to dress up! I mean, summer is obviously just as popular, but then, to avoid sweating and overheating it is preferable to wear less clothing possible like some light spaghetti strap dresses.. Autumn however its not that hot and yet not that cold to have to wear TOO many layers. Therefore Now its the perfect time to fill in your agenda with events and your closet with covered up looks that are stylish and don’t require many jackets and create insulation…

Thus, I present you this white look i LOVE! Long palazzo white trousers (Missguided) have appeared on the blog last spring with a more edgy look. Now, I’m back to being the pink princess I always was. Combining with sexy lacy bodysuit (here) and a chocker from Pretty Little Thing, Maxi shirt-dress worn as a jacket from Missguided (here’s a red one, the pink one got sold out) and small stilettos from Asos in white as well! White white white! (Be careful and don’t wear it to a wedding 😉 Instead choose a birthday, anniversary, fashion event etc)

I hope you like this look, not that many pictures but I’m sure you can really see the delicacy and beauty of it!


xx Your Mash