Hello everyone!

1 month left till 2018! 1 last month of 2017! How are we feeling about this, Yay or Nay?

Whenever I see these countdowns on my news feed, or just randomly realise that by looking at my calendar, I get into this nostalgic / retrospective mode when I debate wether the year was a good one or not, or if i have some things to finish before the year ends..

It is also the right time to look back and think about everything that has happened. From January to November a lot of things changed, some things were left in the past, some things were found along the way and kept in the ongoing present. One thing that Id do during the year was whenever I felt down, I wrote down everything I was grateful for at that moment, and saved it in my phone notes. Time passed and after re reading those things, I got inspired to write this post.

I looked through the dates of the couple of notes I had, and I couldn’t remember what exactly had happened, what made me want to appreciate the good moments and put myself back on track. I guess it suggests how minor those things were, how whatever made me sad isn’t important anymore, how it was all in the moment and wasn’t worth the worry, since now, I don’t even know what it was. However instead of bad memories, now I have few lists of things that made me happy, that Ive accomplished over this year, that kept me going further and motivated me to get up from my bed. It is important to collect as much positivity and surround yourself with good energy.No point in focusing in the past, in the bad things, because after all, they happened and there isn’t much to do about it. Leaving them in the past, learning from them and looking forward to be different in the future is the best advice I ever gotten.

I don’t have an idol, never did, I don’t look up to anyone in particular but one thing that I do is aim to be the best version of myself. I know my limits, my aims and my plans and the vision of me at the top of it all is what keeps me going. With every obstacle I face on my way, I want to appreciate all my accomplishments, be grateful for what I’ve done already, and take those things, event if they are “obstacles”, as the vital steps of preparation before I finally reach the big trophy. However since no matter how hard I try, how far I go, I will never reach the best version of me, as it will always change. Getting older, reaching the temporary aims would mean new aims would come up, the new “better me” will appear in my mind and chasing that is what makes this journey exciting. I know I can be better and that I can get there, that I won’t ever stop because there isn’t such thing as 100% perfection, 100% satisfaction. All these things make this journey of reaching and aiming higher; and in the end they will make every day, every fall and every rise, every achievement and mistake worth it! Looking at it from this perspective works perfect for me, i hope you’ll agree with me too.

For now, I just want to say thank you to the people that stayed with me through this year, who’ve supported me throughout this journey and haven’t left, even in my hardest times. I want to say thank you to the January, February, March… me. Cos that me, did a pretty good job to get me where I am today, wether its physically, mentally, university wise, blog wise, friendship and relationship wise. All the things Ive got right now, is because I never stopped fighting for them, and Im super thankful that I didn’t.

To finalise this random moment of appreciation and positive philosophy, enjoy these photos! Wearing Sweater Dress from Boohoo, Combat boots from River Island!

Wishing you all the best,

xx Your Mash

p.s. Stay tuned for the upcoming looks from PARIS and Xmas Looks Collection! Whole December Ill be posting party looks to get you inspired for the festive time of the year we’ve all been waiting for!!