Hello There! 
With the beginning of April and very good weather comes the time for my favorite colored pants and tops! I was never the person to wear black for casual dressing. Recently I got invited to an event where the dress code was black which made me visit shopping mall for my first pieces in black! As long as i could remember myself it was only colorful clothing in my wardrobe, majorly thank to my mom! Im pretty glad tho, black is a color for everything and yes it makes us look thinner but in order to brighten the day and lighten your mood colors are the best choice!
Today was the family quality-time day! Lunch in Casa da Guia with 27degrees – perfect break from studies! Wearing totally Zara look as always, because i Love it 🙂 
Actually, i dont really have much to say today, this week was pretty busy…  M’s birthday, our 2 years anniversary and 3 days of Russian school made me pretty exhausted! Thank god theres 1 more week of holidays before going back to the IB hell! For now, Im going to enjoy the sun, as i heard its leaving us for next week and it will be cloudy and boring, and i advise you to do the same:) 
Oh! Almost forgot! ha haaaaa! I have a present for you!! 
Participate and dont forget the three obligatory points to enter that are crucial! Last Giveaway, the first person who came up first didn’t complete 5 out of 6 obligatory and had to be disqualified! Its important! 
Enjoy the photos! The lighting is stunning i was so happy with the outcome of todays photoshoot 🙂 
Happy Easter to everyone!
xoxo Masha