Hey Strapless People!

Remember last post? The completely white event look? Well guess what, I decided to experiment with the pieces, and change bottoms to light blue mom jeans! Once I tried it on, i fell in love! How from “afternoon in a classy event” look it changed to “Lets go get some drinks in the bar” look! The colour scheme works really good for blondies like me, turning me in to a glamorous Barbie Doll! Aint nothing wrong with that 😉

Its important to buy things that you can use in different looks, different styles and colour schemes too! Timeless pieces are usually quite basic, both in color scheme and in shape! However I find this lacy bodysuit one of those eternal items in your closet that will be handy in any look, however don’t leave your attitude at home with this top, you’ll need it! Going all lace is quite courageous, despite the fact that intimates became a fully acceptable fashion trend that appears more and more on the stands and on the streets! You encounter looks and laughs, but keep your head up, because confidence and attitude battle it all! Its important to feel like a “boss ass bitch” in your body! I could spend hours concentrating on “too much in here” “too little in there” but hey, instead, I put on a lace bodysuit and hit the streets of London!

Just a little confidence boost for you babes! Feeling motivational today! 🙂 If you like the vibe and the look, comments and thumbs up are more than welcome!

Details: BodySuit: here.  Shirt dress used as a jacket: here (only left in red…), Pants from Pull and Bear and White heels from Asos: here. (Gorgeous White Crocodile Details!! Now on sale 😉 )

Enjoy! xx Your Mash