How has everyones weekend been? Well, for once, Im was sitting around doing nothing! Today was not a regular day and thats why its going up on my blog!

So the story goes like that: Yesterday as Im having my casual procrastination hour I see an instastory by Tash Oakley who is in London and who is having a showroom of hers and Dev Brugman’s brand: Monday Swimwear. However I noticed it was closing after 30 min so I had no way of getting there in time. So i get a little sad but life continues… Few hours later (probably spent procrastinating as well) I see another Insta Story where Tash says there will be another meet up/showroom the next day – aka Today. I quickly jot down the location and the time and go to sleep with a happy face as I realise that in few hours I will be in the company of two bombshells and everything goals: from body to friendship to businesswomen to travel lifestyle goals!

So the day had come and here you have my Sunday entry in my virtual diary:)


Lets start from the beginning for those who have never heard of Tash & Dev!

Natasha Oakley is a gorgeous 25 years old woman from Australia. From what I know she moved to LA and started off as a blogger (here) and a model. Now, Tash is one of the most famous bloggers with 1,9 million followers in her Instagram (here). Devin Brugman, on the other hand, is a 26 years old model and blogger originally from Oakland, California who then moved to Hawaii. I mean, you can see those Oakland curves from far away 😉 ahah Devin’s instagram counts 1,3m followers (here). Tasha and Dev became friends over Facebook when they both lived in Hawaii and had many mutual friends. Over few conversations and Skype calls they became best friends. Shortly after Dev moved to LA Tasha came there as well. They started off as models and photographers for multiple swimwear brands and got into fashion industry through that. The boom in their careers happened in summer of 2012 when they decided to travel to beach places, with suitcases only filled with swimsuits, uploading photos of them everyday and thats how  “a Bikini a Day” (here) blog came to life! The concept of their page is exactly as its called, the post stunning photos of them in different bikinis every day from heavenly pretty and exotic spots around the world! When asked about the inspiration behind the bikini blog Natasha says: “We wanted to create a place where all the bikini lovers of the world could come together to obsess over bikinis every single day. We feel as though a bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach, the bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expressionism and relaxation.” Couldn’t agree more! My life literally revives in summer, soaking in sun rays on the beach is my best state! Obviously, after a very short time the instagram page gained many visitors admiring their beautiful bodies and equally beautiful locations and now the page counts more than 652K followers and Ive read over 4million visitors on the blog itself! What I love the most about these two women is their body positivity and confidence. For quite some time Ive been feeling quite insecure about my body and specially the size of my bra. Choosing a bikini used to be – still is sometimes – a tragic experience with a lot of nerves, disappointments and almost tears. While so many girls wish they had bigger breasts, i kept on hoping they would get smaller! Crazy right? However after seeing photos of Dev with her big package and feeling herself to the maximum, wearing any shape and any type of swimwear it gave me confidence and allowed me to accept myself as how i was and be proud of it. Not trying to hide it but be proud of what my mamma gave me!

Anyhow, after such great success and numerous collaborations with existing swimwear brands and major brands like Missguided the “power couple” decided to launch their own line of swimwear – Monday Swimwear & you can visit their website here. Recently they’ve also launched a collection of Active wear, because , obviously, to keep up those great physics on point the bloggers work out everyday with some help of Tasha’s boyfriend – Gilles Souteyrand – a french model and a personal trainer!

So this weekend was the showroom of their bikini and activewear lines that you could try and order with no shipping costs!

The quality of their swimwear is outstanding! What I liked the most about it was the perfect fit for girls with bigger breasts! Considering the fact that both Tash and Dev are not size 2 runway models but healthy looking, curvy and quite busty women their collections had to first of all fit themselves, and thats why its so good! After having a chat with Devin I learned the model wears size L or XL of their collection, while I am an M with my C/D bra cup! The bottoms of their bikinis are adjustable and you can make them as big as granny pants or as small as a thong, however you like! Which is GREAT! I tried one on as you can see below and I really liked how the shape looked on me, however Id take a different color. The nude did not go well with my skin color, however their red is a true “Ferrari” red and that looked BOMB!

Overall the showroom had a very nice and chill environment with nice music playing and hotel’s bar available for us for drinks while we waited for our chance to speak to the girls and select which bikinis we wanted to try as well as the short photoshoot time! (Please ignore my not so blogger look, completely make up free and casually dressed, I don’t even know why I didnt put a bit more effort in my look:/ )

As a true #boyfriendgoals Gilles was there too and I couldn resist his gorgeous look and asked him for a pic and a boomerang which you can see on my Insta Story @manyashaa___ 🙂

So That is it! I hope you liked a little weekend update! Please do check out their pages for some body positivity and body goals!

xx Your Mash

So this is the Active were in a monochrome color scheme! The material was very elastic and of good thickness! You’re not gonna boil in it but also, while doing squads, people won’t see your undies 😉

This very light white shirt was also on the racks! Perfect for summer!

Many Posters all around… #FriendshipGoals #BodyGoals #WorkoutGoals

P.s. Guess what I did straight after I left the showroom? thats right, I ran to the gym! My Motivation was sky high!

With Dev Right after we spoke and she helped me choose my size! She was super nice and I couldn’t stop staring at her like a crazy fan! Please tell me you would be the same! Her beauty was just blinding me! Such a gorgeous woman!


Apologies for the quality, the light in the changing room was not the best!

JUST LOOK AT THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER!!!!!!!! Just imagining hearted eyed emoji on his face!

Melting! She looks like a bride too <3

I really don’t know what was going on with my face… this time it was me with hearted eyes emoji ahah


My mini photoshoot with my body goals! So thankful I got to meet them, to speak to them and charge of that positive vibe these two amazing women were spreading around the room!


Oh and also we had some fake tan products on the display for us! I don’t use the fake tan, even tho I definitely should considering the big skin tone difference with them and my literally sick looking face after not getting enough sunlight and tanning sessions. I did try it on my wrist tho! Not sure how it was supposed to look but my wrist did get tanner and smelled so so so good I would just use it as a lotion cream if I could! Tash is collaborating with them at the moment so they were invited to the show room as well! The bran name is St. Tropez, check them out if you’re into fake tanning and tell me how it goes 🙂 Maybe one day when i get too desperate in London with its grey skies and lack of Vitamin D I might use it!