Hello Everyone!

Coming to you today with a look and a post that wasn’t particularly planned! Everything happened on a sunny warm day in June in Moscow. My friend and I were having a stroll in the Gorky Park and updating each other on everything that happened over the year that we didnt see each other and barely talked. What happened next was a pure childish happiness and fun! That park has fountains square, where strong streams of water come out vertically from the ground sometimes in random sometimes in synchronised order. What do you think Masha decided to do? Obviously have some fun and run around those trying my luck and either getting hit by one or doing zig zag manoeuvres and getting away with becoming completely wet!

While I was doing that and my friend just stood aside laughing at my ridiculous 20 years old figure, a street photographer approached us an started shooting some photos of me! and This is where I got some photos of my look that actually came out quite nice! I mean, there were so many more but in majority my faced looked too surprised to put it out to public eyes ahah That was such a confidence boost that I played along with his ideas like “Do this, Do that! Sit, turn! Hands up etc etc” That day I wore a simple wrap dress in cobalt blue from Topshop and my go-to espadrilles in Moscow (since I didnt have many sandals with me once I came from London to Moscow).

After I got completely wet, and it started to get colder, we decided to keep moving. Thats when the conversation of our childhood, ability to have fun and enjoy every day without help of technologies, video games and all the other things that MY brothers seem to be requiring to have fun in summer, had started… Im not that old, yet my childhood seems to be more similar to my parents than to the younger generations – like my brothers. I did have a phone since i was 7, yet it didnt imprison me like it has done with my brothers, I did have TVs at home – yet going outside in my little neighbourhood was my favourite thing to do in summer. Everything from the way children get dressed, fed, educated, entertained had changed in a blink of an eye, and we are talking just the last 10 years.. What will happen to my kids?  Sometimes I overthink on this topic, debate with myself even how having all those experiences on the playground like going down from the tallest slide, or attempting to cross those bars on top just with you hands and trying out your strength, falling and hurting yourself and getting back up because had thought us many lessons, that my brothers seem to be missing out on by choosing the easiest, or the safest, or the less “embarrassing” experiences…

What do you guys think about this? How was your childhood? Let me know below;)

Hope you enjoy these:) And never forget the little child inside you! Let it free sometimes and do whatever you feel like, without giving a damn what people around you will think <3 Hooray 90’s Kids!!!

xx Your Mash